whole whole half whole whole whole half

With this formula, we can build a major scale starting from any note.
Let's put an E scale together, using just one guitar string to keep it simple.

Roll over chart for hints. Click notes to hear.Play this series on low E string.
Play the low E string open.
2.Go up a whole-step by playing the E string fretted on the 2nd fret.
3.Go up another whole-step by playing on the 4th fret.
4.Go up a half-step by playing on the 5th fret.
5.Whole, 7th fret. 6.Whole, 9th fret. 7.Whole, 11th fret.
8.Finish up with a half-step higher on the 12th fret.

It's not often practical to play scales all on one string, but it really helps in understanding how a scale is constructed.